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The client was experiencing teamwork and communication challenges during leadership team meetings. Some personality styles would tend to dominate proceedings whilst others were more reluctant to speak up and contribute. This led to misinterpretation, misunderstandings, background conversations and team conflict. It lead to a general thought amongst the leadership team that the monthly meetings were a waste of time.


Equilibria introduced the team to the concepts of E-Colors and Personal Intervention through the 8 Essentials framework. The 8 Essentials is a team leadership coaching tool and gave this team a framework to understand some of the breakdowns they were experiencing and have conversations to clear the elephants in the room and start understanding one another and communicating better.


By asking the questions “How can I disrupt teamwork?” and “How can I be misunderstood?” and then committing to using Personal Intervention to understand and appreciate the personality diversity that existed on the team, meetings became more productive, communication improved and team members reported higher levels of engagement and lower levels of conflict.

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