Industrial Sector, High-risk Industry


In an industry where the price of supply product was being controlled by external forces, we needed to control costs without jeopardizing customer quality. In addition, the chosen methods must complement our commitment to LEAN manufacturing concepts.


We trained senior leaders, managers, supervisors and workers in the HP concepts, and created internal “advocates” and trainers using the FIT deployment model. In addition, we trained the people who write and review our quality process documents in procedure error reduction techniques.


Integration of Human Performance led to a reduction in human error, resulting in customer satisfaction. Specifically:

  • Over 60 process and safety documents containing vague work guidance were identified and corrected, significantly reducing the end-user error rates (as identified by the users and by customer feedback)
  • Step-by-step process and technical training created to effectively reduce error rate in customer issues and quality upsets as measured by customer input and by internal audits
  • Implementation of HP tools at the supervisor and worker level reduced human error and amount of scrap generated in multiple line processes
  • Integration of Stop Criteria and standardized work has been completed. This resulted in a large increase in worker “stops” that resulted in several significant line process changes before a quality upset occurred

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