Communication Errors Cost Patient Lives

Enable Intentional Health Care with Equilibria

Medical errors cause up to 400,000 deaths per year and nearly 10,000 serious medical complications each day. Studies show that 80 percent of these errors result from miscommunications between caregivers and patients or transitions of care.

Communication issues in the health care industry can be detrimental to patient care, waste valuable time and negatively affect a provider's bottom line. 

It is estimated that hospitals lose 2% of revenue or $12 billion per year as a result of poor communication.

Understanding your patients

Equilibria’s unique understanding on personality diversity improves the patient experience and accuracy of information by training teams to tailor practitioner-to-patient communication.

Pressing pause on the focus to patients and tasks directly in front of us, can press play on a better, safer experience for your patients and staff. 

Specialized Solutions for Health Care

Not everyone thinks and acts the same. We all have different communication styles and behavioral tendencies - this includes clinicians and patients.

We help individuals and organizations leverage personality diversity to elevate performance and achieve common goals through better collaboration by:

  • Increasing Patient Satisfaction   
  • Improving Staff Retention
  • Communication and Teamwork
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Safety and Risk Management
  • Error Reduction
  • Leadership and Engagement
  • Influencing Commitment

Equilibria in Health Care can build a customized solution that will address the specific challenges your organization is facing.  For more information about our services that produce effective results please Contact Us.


This live activity, Caring with Intention: Leadership Workshop, from 09/19/2019 - 09/19/2020, has been reviewed and is acceptable for up to 13.00 Elective credit(s) by the American Academy of Family Physicians. Physicians should claim only the credit commensurate with the extent of their participation in the activity.

Intentional Leadership Workshops

We address the leading causes of medical errors from communication in a two day didactic and experiential Leadership Workshop.

Our learning opportunity gives participants the tools necessary to apply methods and knowledge as soon as they return to work.

We use “actionable intelligence protocols” as a fast, fun and effective means to help participants implement change immediately which improves patient care and team dynamics.

Sign Up for Our AAFP Accredited Workshops

Equilibria in Health Care is accredited by The American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP).  In addition to the acquiring valuable knowledge and skills, each participant will earn 13 hours of CME credits.

Click the "Book Now" button to select workshop dates / location, and enter the contact details of one or more participants.

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About Equilibria in Health Care

Since 2004, Equilibria has helped over 700,000 individuals across the globe leverage personality diversity for intentional communication and care. For more information please follow this link.


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AAFP Accredited CME Workshops

Intentional Leadership
2 Days
13 hours of CME credits


As heard on ABC News Radio.


Far from being harmless,
these mistakes can be
financially costly and have
severe health consequences
for patients
Source: US News & World Report

Watch this video for an explanation of Equilibria in Health Care's practical applications.


The five indicators that you, or your organization are experiencing ineffective communications include:

    • Medical Errors
    • Long Wait Times
    • Workplace Conflict
    • Poor Decision Making
    • Increase Stress

Source: 2019 Article, Very Well Health