Oil & Gas Company, South Africa


South Africa has a multi-ethnic society consisting of a wide variety of cultures, languages and religions. This is reflected in the country’s constitution that recognizes 11 official languages. Our client’s workforce was representative of this diversity. Their objective was to implement a coaching process that leveraged that diversity and enabled the organization to work safely, efficiently and reliably and create leadership at all levels.


Equilibria have been providing our coaching and consultancy services to this client since 2013. Initially, we laid the foundation for effective coaching by conducting a series of E-Colors Awareness Workshops to provide the workforce with personality diversity awareness. We then customized a second workshop to empower employees with the ability to become more mindful about their tendencies and manage them through Personal Intervention. Since then, we have been conducting individual coaching with the leadership team, managers, supervisors and the general workforce.


  • 100% of the workforce trained in the E-Colors & Personal Intervention
  • Improved awareness and understanding of others
  • Improved communication and teamwork
  • Reduced safety incidents
  • An organization that embraces diversity of thought and a culture that is more inclusive

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