Oil & Gas Industry


The client was rolling out a global initiative to promote diversity and inclusion and were looking for innovative ways to make the workforce in Asia Pacific embrace diversity through inclusion.


The HR & Internal Communications department worked closely with Equilibria to develop a one-day workshop that was deployed across the region over the space of a year. In that workshop, attendees were introduced to the concepts of E-Colors and Personal Intervention and were taught how to understand, embrace and leverage personality diversity within the organization. The workshop also helped team members better understand the concepts of unconscious bias and micro-inequities and how our brains have developed over the years to take short cuts when making people-related decisions. Personal Intervention was introduced as a tool to help them manage their natural tendencies with conscious awareness.


  • 12 one-day workshops conducted over the period of one year
  • Employees gained a greater awareness around personality diversity and the difference between personality and character
  • This helped them understand better the concepts of unconscious bias and micro-inequities as they learned to embrace and leverage diversity of thought
  • Personal Intervention enabled them to become more mindful of their attitudes and behaviors and to press pause on stereotyping and making judgments and press play on being more inclusive

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