Oil & Gas Company, Asia Pacific


The client was facing a couple of challenges. They were going through a period of change during an industry downturn and they had a large management team who were experts in their technical field but who lacked leadership experience and employee engagement skills.


Over a 3 year period, Equilibria laid a solid coaching foundation by conducting a series of Intentional Awareness Workshops to equip all employees with heightened self and team awareness through the E-Colors, and higher levels of mindful communication and behavior through Personal Intervention. We worked closely with the Senior Leadership Team so that they could use the tools themselves and effectively steward the process. We then developed a customized Intentional Leadership Workshop for all managers and supervisors. This workshop was designed to equip participants with leadership skills and practical coaching tools to drive business results.


  • More than 3,000 employees equipped with personality diversity awareness tools
  • More than 300 managers and supervisors coached
  • Client reported improved safety performance, improved employee engagement levels and a stronger corporate culture with leadership at all levels of the organization

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